19 Beach Bag Essentials for Every Beach TripApril 30 2016

By Searcy Sledge

beach bag

Summer is fast approaching and many vacationers will start making their way south to the Gulf Coast. While planning your beach escape, make sure you pack these 19 essentials in your beach bag!

1. Reusable water bottle — If you want to enjoy the beach all day remember to pack a reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated! 

2. Towel — After a refreshing swim, towels are a necessity for drying off or for rolling up to use as a pillow! There’s nothing more relaxing than a nap on the beach! 

3. Ziplock bags — Wish you had a sand-proof phone case? Use a ziplock bag to help protect your phone from sand and water! Bonus tip: Ziplock bags also come in handy when collecting sea shells and other beach treasures. Be sure to label the bags for each child to keep their treasures organized!

4. Cooler — There’s nothing worse than a warm soda on a hot summer day, so bring a cooler and pack it down with ice! Bonus tip: Coolers with wheels make it easier to travel.

5. Koozie — Koozies are great for keeping your drinks cold. They’re also great for keeping track of who’s drink is whose! 

6. Extra Sunglasses — Losing your favorite pair of sunglasses can ruin any day; however, losing them at the beach can mess up your trip. Pack an extra pair of sunglasses and use them when you head out to the beach!

7. Hat — Hats are a necessity for any beach day. They help block the sun and can make a great fashion statement. Bonus tip: Use a hat clip so you don’t lose your hat on windy days! 

8. PFG or other sun shirt — Spending all day on the beach is basically paradise until you get too hot — or worse, sunburned. PFG shirts can help reflect the sun and keep you cool throughout the day! 

9. Sand spike cup holder — Sand spikes are perfect for keeping your drink sand free! 

10. Sunscreen — Sunscreen is key to lasting all day on the beach and is essential for any beach trip. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout your day of fun in the sun! :)

11. Beach tunes — Music makes any beach day better and everyone will love rocking out to Jimmy Buffet or Zac Brown Band. Your music will be a hit on the beach, just make sure to always be mindful of the other beach goers near you! 

12. Book — The best playlist to accompany you while reading is the sound of the waves rolling in. Don’t believe us? Start working on your summer reading list and see for yourself. 

13. Waterproof camera — Everyone loves a beach selfie but no one loves a water soaked camera. Invest in a good waterproof camera and don’t risk losing your camera or phone for one Instagram picture. 

14. Snorkel gear — Perdido Key is great for bird watching along the Florida birding trail and relaxing on the Best East Coast Beach. However, it’s also great for snorkeling. Don’t be afraid to leave the beach — gear up and dive into the action! 

15. Aloe — If somehow you still get a sunburn even after putting on sunscreen, aloe can help soothe away your pain!  Bonus tip: Freeze your aloe so that it’s extra cold!

16. Mid-afternoon snack — Whether you have kids or you’re relaxing by yourself, snacks are a great way to turn your beach morning into an all day experience! 

17. Sand toys — Sandcastles are a staple of every beach getaway! Don’t forget your shovel, buckets and whatever other sand toys you might need to build the most epic sandcastle on the Key!

18. Sandals — While we all love walking barefoot on the beach, it’s important to wear sandals and protect your feet when walking around!

19. Baby Powder — Did you know that baby powder can remove unwanted sand from hands and feet? Give it a try next time you’re at the beach!